​When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we are the best leaders in this industry. We have more than 15 years of experience in internet advertising and marketing where we have worked with and helped countless websites enjoy top ranking in search engines, developed cutting-edge and award winning websites and guaranteed good return on investments with our clients. Our SEO packages are among the most affordable and effective in the market today. No other agencies come close to what we can offer as we have the technology, industry know-how and the most effective tools to ensure your site is searched, seen and visited.

Your trusted SEO partner

We ensure that your sites are ‘found’ by top search engines like Google and Yahoo! Not only that, we ensure that they are in the top 10 ranking of the sites. Our records speak for themselves where we guarantee you of the results or we will refund you.

Top 10 Ranking guaranteed

We guarantee that using our techniques and model, our site will enjoy top 10 ranking in the search engine which means that it will be shown in the first page ranking when the keyword is searched.

Affordable SEO package in town

At only RM3,000 per year, our package is among the most economical and affordable ones in the market today. Why pay more to others without the experience when you can fully utilize our expertise and specialization in SEO at a fraction of the cost.

Refund if it doesn't work

We will refund your investment if we do not deliver what we promised.

Results within 24 weeks

We guarantee that your website will achieve the Top 10 position within 24 weeks or less.

Keyword Analysis and Optimisation

As we have the technology and the technical experience in this marketing area, we will conduct analyses to help your website succeed. We will find out what are the keywords that would be most used for your site and will use them accordingly. On top of that, we conduct website analysis for you in order to identify what best matches Google Webmaster rules and how to ensure your site is user-friendly.

Competitor Analysis

We give your business more leverage by finding out what keywords your competitors are using and how your site can better leverage from that.

On and Off Site Optimization

We ensure that your site remains relevant by carrying out on and off site optimization processes building your site with external links and other PR activities.

Comprehensive Reports

If you engage a 12 months contract, we will generate monthly report on keyword positions to keep you updated on the performance of your website.

All you need about SEO

Search engines today are one of the most influential agents in advertising. With Google recording more than a billion searches each day, it makes the entire owning and operating a website more than just that. Therefore, it makes a lot of difference if your company gets to the front page of any search engine when a keyword is searched. After all, more than 80% of clicks from the users would only take place among the first few results. In fact, the top 3 positions are known to be the most likely to be clicked.

This means that if your website is in the next few pages, you will be among the remaining 20% of users who might just not see your site ever. This makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) very important because it aims to put your website in a more visible area which ideally is at the front page when a search is invoked. Using what is known as an organic search, we help your website to be ready when the search engine comes calling.

As there are web crawlers that are scanning websites continuously for updated content in order to index them for web searching reasons, our SEO services will help you to properly index your websites. In order to achieve this, you will need an agency who thoroughly understands how the search engines function and how to go about with this. Our core business is in this area for more than 15 years now and we are more than equipped to advice you on how to get your sites indexed the right way. Take note that SEO is a continuous process. It does not happen only once.

This starts with the most relevant keywords in your market. When we venture into this area, we are actually embarking into a direct marketing campaign at your target audience who are out there searching for your products, service or information about your business. Therefore, it is very important that your site contains the right and relevant information and updated accordingly. The entire process includes other efforts like link building, frequently updating of information as well as web page restructuring.

As this is a constantly changing and evolving industry, we ensure that your business will continue to enjoy the visibility in search engines through our own unique and innovative approach that has been fine-tuned and enhanced in every way since we started 15 years ago.